Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Oh blind heron
lies suffocate love
while the seagulls are drowning
a tumour
and waters bleed
in a noose.

I give up.

Oh, airone cieco
le bugie
soffocano l'amore
mentre annegano i gabbiani
un tumore
le acque si sciolgono
in un cappio appeso.

Io, arresa.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Crippled Venus

I came
to ask for your help.
To spit it all
to regurgitate it
because my hands
are tied
in this cage
and I am dripping
dark blood.
 I came
because I knew
you’d help me
with your insecure millimeters
your oppressive caresses
your slaughtering truths.

I knew
you’d wrap me
in your anxiety
and remind me
I’m not the only one
staggering among the swindles of existence,
not the sole stranded animal
who vainly struggles
to give sense
to this sequence of hours and events.

I came 
to ask you to usher the sourness
that reigns in my stomach.
And permeates my heart.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Scomparsa ancora una volta,
ancora una volta, ritorno.

The cage has become a bird
and has flown away
and my heart is crazy
because it howls at death
and smiles behind the wind
at my ravings

What will I do with my fear
What will I do with my fear