Saturday, 20 August 2011

the way you fuck me

I fucked him because

I wanted to be fucked by you.

Because I NEEDED

to be fucked by you,

to fill up the empty space

left by your absence.

His cock was huge and rock hard

but I could not feel it.

Yours just fits so perfectly in my vagina,

as if it was born there.

He banged me hard and slapped

and choked me

and my mind was with you.

I screamed loud and I was

still with you.

He came

and I overflew with you.

What the hell did you do to me?

I want myself back.



Occhio.Cavo said...


Sunshine said...

maybe..but no i dont think so... i would rather call it obsession..
or folly...

Sebastian Arango said...

yea an obsession

sally. said...

The love that hurts..

TuristadiMestiere said...

ossessione è la parola giusta...

Jamais Vu said...

Qualsiasi sia il suo nome è in circolo.Come il sangue.E' il paradosso di questi "amori".Ti danno la vita e te la tolgono, sono loro a scandire il tempo, a decidere l'umore