Monday, 2 January 2012

on love...

Vi è chi è stato capace di esprimere i miei sentimenti meglio di me, a volte.
Ecco le loro parole...

Morgens und abends zu lesen
Der, den ich liebe
Hat mir gesagt
Daß er mich braucht.

Gebe ich auf mich acht
Sehe auf meinen Weg und
Fürchte von jedem Regentropfen
Daß er mich erschlagen könnte.


there is between my legs a crisp city.
when you touch me
it is Spring in the city; the streets beautifully writhe,
it is for you; do not frighten them,
all the houses terribly tighten
upon your coming:
and they are glad
as you fill the streets of my city.
my love you are a bright mountain which feels.
you are a keen mountain and an eager island whose
lively slopes are based always in the me which is shrugging, which is
under you and around you and forever: I am the hugging sea.

O mountain you cannot escape me
your roots are anchored in my silence; therefore O mountain
skilfully murder my breasts, still and always

i will hug you solemnly into me.

e.e. cummings


Melinda said...

Belle scelte, soprattutto la seconda!!!

Marika said...

Bertold Brecht è indubbiamente un grande uomo!

Sunshine said...

si è vero marika...e questa poesia poi, ah questa poesia..

kjk said...

adoro Brecht...