Saturday, 16 February 2013

the end? quando il sogno si trasforma in un incubo

sorry for not coming to the dinner tomorrow. I really like Kevin and Emma, but I do not think it makes a lot of sense going there together as if we were a normal and happy couple when we are not. We are drowning in misunderstanding and incomprehensions.

You seem to be so busy writing your project, and in anxiety when you are with me for not having enough time, but I don't know how you always find time to go to the pub with your friends, watching football and all the rest, drink yourself to death and be hungover the day after. But when it comes to spend an afternoon with me, the world falls down.

It' s just for me that you don't have enough time.
Then you know what? just fuck off
Call when you have time to spend time just with me if you are even slightly interested in having some , maybe i will  still be here when you open your eyes and realize that you are losing me